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GOES Suspended

As of October 2017, US and Customs Protection has replaced the Global Online Enrolment System (aka GOES) with the Trusted Traveller Programs website (aka TPP). GOES accounts can no longer be used. As of 2017, the US CBP GOES...

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Nexus Renewal Form

The current Nexus renewal application process helps Canadian and U.S. citizens simplify the procedure for getting a new Nexus card when the old one expires. It is essential that you reapply for Nexus card renewal on time, at...

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Membership Revoked

Why Was My NEXUS Membership Revoked? If your NEXUS membership was revoked, it is likely because of one of two things: you were caught violating the terms of your membership (and your card was likely confiscated at this time)...

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Why Was My Card Confiscated?

  Why NEXUS Cards are Confiscated If your NEXUS Card was confiscated by a Canadian (CBSA) or American (CBP) border guard, it was likely because you violated the terms of your NEXUS membership or they suspect you of...

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