NEXUS Card for a Child

Can a Child get a NEXUS Card?

  • All occupants of a vehicle must have NEXUS Cards to use NEXUS lanes and the NEXUS bridge in Niagara falls
  • Children cannot be brought through NEXUS security or customs lines at airports if they don’t have NEXUS Cards
  • Children can apply for the NEXUS card for free.

Yes, a child can apply for a NEXUS Card. In fact, if you and your spouse have NEXUS Cards, but your kids do not, you cannot take advantage of NEXUS lines and lanes. So, your children need NEXUS cards if you are going to get the full use of your own NEXUS Cards. But this isn’t a hassle because, children can apply free.

Yes, that’s right, applicants under the age of 18 do not have to pay the government fee.

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How to Apply for a Child’s NEXUS Card

The application process is almost entirely the same as for an adult. There are only two crucial differences:

If you are applying for the NEXUS Cards for your entire family at once, you should see if you can attend your interviews as a family.

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