The process of approval for a NEXUS Card and NEXUS program membership is a two step process:

  • Conditional Approval
  • Approval


What is NEXUS Conditional Approval?

“Conditional Approval” is tentative approval pending your attendance to the NEXUS Interview. CBSA and CBP officers review your application and your supporting documentation. If there are no issues – if the officers believe everything in the application is accurate and they determine you are eligible – then you are granted conditional approval.

Unless you are renewing your NEXUS Card, all applicants must then attend an interview. (Some applicants renewing your membership will also be asked to attend interviews.) At the interview, you will have to answer questions about the information you gave on the form, and provide your documentation.

Usually, if the interview goes well, you will be approved on the spot, which means your TTP account status will be updated from “Conditional Approval” to “Approved” the day of your interview and your NEXUS Card will be sent out to you shortly.

If you are renewing your NEXUS Card, there’s a good chance that your application will be approved without the tentative “conditional approval” step, as long as all your information has remained the same.


How to Book Your NEXUS Interview


Kindly go to setting page and check the option "Place them manually"

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