Can We Attend Our NEXUS Interview Together?

Attend NEXUS Interview as Family

If you and your spouse and/or your kids are applying for your NEXUS Cards at the same time, you may be able to attend the interviews together. Children under the age of 18 need to have a guardian present anyway. In order to attend your interview together, you will have to do two things:

Book your NEXUS interviews as close together as possible

First, when booking your interview, book your interviews as close together as possible. You cannot book the interview together using the TTP website, but you can book adjacent slots if they are available. You should try for better than just the same day, but you should try to book interviews within an hour of each other, or in adjacent slots (one per 15 minute period). You should do this because, if you are unable to get interviews together, at least you will not have to travel back to the enrolment centre later, or wait around for hours.

In order to do this, you should book the first interview on a day at a time that has a lot of open interview slots around it. Once you have booked your interview, write down the time and date, and get the rest of your family to log in to their TTP accounts and book time-slots as close to yours as possible. If you have multiple devices in your household, you can try to book around the same time, but you cannot all book the same slot at once.

Call Ahead to Ask for One Joint NEXUS Interview

Not all enrolment centres will allow you to attend an interview together as a couple. To discover whether or not the enrolment centre will allow you to attend the interview together, you should call ahead of time. You can find the enrolment centre phone numbers here. Some enrolment centres will accommodate your request if you ask them in person, right before the interview, but most will not so you should always call ahead.

If you cannot attend your interview together, you will have to attend the interviews separately, at the times you booked through the Global Online Enrolment System or its replacement, the Trusted Traveller Programs website.

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