GOES Suspended

As of October 2017, US and Customs Protection has replaced the Global Online Enrolment System (aka GOES) with the Trusted Traveller Programs website (aka TPP). GOES accounts can no longer be used.

As of 2017, the US CBP GOES website has ceased suspending accounts due to login trouble. As of January 2017, you will now be banned from logging in for 20 minutes, after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. Prior to 2017, your account would be suspended and you would have to call GOES support, which was an unpleasant process for a few reasons:

  • the hours of service are limited
  • the toll free number only works in the US, meaning us Canadians have to pay long distance.

Fortunately that’s all over and now you just need to wait 20 minutes to try logging in again.

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Border Cards
Border Cards
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