Global Online Enrolment System

What is GOES?

GOES was the acronym which stood for Global Online Enrolment System, an online enrolment system established up by US CBP (United States Customs and Border Protection). It was called GOES after Global Entry, the first US trusted Traveller Program. The site served the following programs:

  • Free And Secure Trade (FAST)
  • Global Entry

The Global Online Enrolment System no longer exists. From October 2017 onward, NEXUS members and future members must use the new Trusted Traveller Programs website. However, in order to make use of this the TTP website, you must set up a profile, whether or not you are a citizen or resident of the United States.



What Happened to My Saved NEXUS Card Application on GOES?

If you had saved but not submitted your NEXUS application, or you were waiting to find out your interview appointment, you must still create a profile in order to login to the TTP website. Your current application should be present on the TTP site. If you have trouble, please give us a call at 1-855-760-0888 and we can help!


What If If Applied Using GOES before?

For your renewal application, you must create a account for the TTP website. When you login to the TTP website to renew your NEXUS membership, your old GOES profile should ideally populate with the information you submitted five years earlier; you should just have to update it. (This is the official story. We are still not sure what percentage of old NEXUS profiles have been successfully transferred from the old Global Online Enrolment System to the new TTP system.)

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Border Cards
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