What Questions are Asked During the Interview?

NEXUS Interview Questions

At the NEXUS interview appointment, you will be asked a series of questions relating to the information you provided you on your application. You will be interviewed twice:

  • once by a CBSA officer (Canada) and
  • once by a CBP officer (USA).

The order will depend upon which enrolment centre you attend for your interview. If you attend a NEXUS enrolment centre in Canada, you will see a CBSA officer first and CBP officer second. But if you attend a NEXUS enrolment centre in the United States, you will be seen by a CBP officer first and then a CBSA officer second.

As part of the interview you are required to produce the originals of the identity documents you provided for your application, and you will be fingerprinted. See a checklist. If you wish to use your NEXUS Card at airports in addition to land and maritime crossings, you will need an iris scan. Iris scans are not available at all enrolment centres.

Sample Questions for Your NEXUS Interview

These are just examples:

What do you need the NEXUS Card for?

You will be asked what you plan to use the NEXUS Card for. This is merely a question about whether you intend to use the NEXUS Card for travel, business or both. Be forthright and explain why you think the NEXUS Card will help you travel between Canada and the US

How often do you plan to use the NEXUS Card?

You do not have to give the government a specific answer; just give an estimate. If you travel once a month or so for business, say that’s how you plan to use it. If you go to Florida every winter and that’s the only time you go to the States, say you will use it then.

Are you known by other names?

This is a question about whether or not you changed your name (such as, through marriage) or if you are known by nicknames. (Also, in the rare circumstance that you have used an alias, you need to disclose that alias.)

How many times have you changed your home address in the last year?

Note: the period of time specified may be different than one year.

If you have not changed your address, you will likely not be asked this question. If you have, you should explain why: “I changed my job” or “I graduated” or “I retired” etc.

Are you taking any drugs?

Be honest. If you are taking prescription drugs, you should mention them and explain why.

Have you been convicted of a crime?

If you have been convicted of crime but have been rehabilitated you need to be honest and forthright when asked this question. The only way you will be granted a NEXUS Card if you have a criminal record is if you are fully honest about your past and your efforts to overcome that past. If you have made it this far, don’t ruin your chances now by withholding information.

What is the purpose of your business in Canada/USA?

If you are using the NEXUS Card for business (and say so) you will likely be asked about your business/job that takes you regularly to the other country. Be as forthright and honest as you can.

These questions are just examples. You may be asked different questions, more questions or fewer questions. A good guide is how much your life has changed in the last 5 years: if you have not changed jobs or travelled outside of North America you will likely be asked fewer questions.

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