Membership Revoked

Why Was My NEXUS Membership Revoked?

If your NEXUS membership was revoked, it is likely because of one of two things:

  • you were caught violating the terms of your membership (and your card was likely confiscated at this time)
  • CBSA or CBP became aware of information that revealed you were no longer eligible for a NEXUS Card.

In either situation, before doing anything about it, you should make sure that your membership was actually revoked.


Do you have a letter stating that your membership is revoked?

If not, there is a chance that your membership has not been revoked. You should have received the letter by mail but you can also check your TTP account to see if anything about your membership has been posted there. (If your membership has been revoked, there will be information confirming that decision in your account.)


No Revocation Letter

If you do not have a letter informing you that your NEXUS membership has been revoked, it may not have been revoked.

If your card was confiscated, then you need to contact the NEXUS enrolment centre nearest where your card was confiscated to discover if your membership is suspended or if you can get your card back.

If you cannot get any information confirming your membership has been revoked then it has not been revoked and you are free to use your NEXUS Card until you hear otherwise. Make sure to keep all of your documentation up to date on your TTP account.

If your NEXUS membership has been suspended, you should speak to the enrolment centre about the steps you need to take to restore your membership and use your card.


Received a Revocation Letter

If you have received a revocation letter by mail – or you found one in your TTP account – then your membership has indeed been revoked. If you want to appeal, you can learn how here.

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