Ontario Enrolment Centres

NEXUS Enrolment Centres in Ontario

Because Ontario has the biggest population of any province in Canada, it has the most NEXUS enrolment centres, most of which are located in southern Ontario. The enrolment centres are located

  • in Fort Erie
  • in Fort Frances
  • near Niagara Falls, at the border
  • in Ottawa, at the airport
  • near Sarnia, at the border
  • near Sault Ste Marie, at the border
  • at the Thousand Islands Bridge
  • in Toronto, at the airport
  • near Windsor, at the border.
and Hours


Pearson International Airport
Terminal 1; Departure Level
Post 8
Mississauga, ON
L5P 1A2
(855) TO-NEXUS
Monday to Saturday: 8AM to 8PM
Sunday: 8AM to 4PM


Ottawa Cargo Services, Suite 102
140 Thad Johnson Private
Ottawa, ON
K1V 0R4
Monday to Friday: 8AM to 12PM; 1PM to 4PM

Niagara Falls

2250 Whirlpool Street
Niagara Falls, NY
Monday: 8AM to 4PM
Tuesday to Thursday: 8AM to 8PM
Saturday: 8AM to 4PM

Fort Erie

10 Central Avenue
Ft. Erie, ON
L2A 6G6
Monday to Friday: 8AM to 8PM
Saturday and Sunday: 8AM to 4PM


2810 B West Fort Street, Suite B
Detroit, MI
No Iris Scans
Monday: 8AM to 3:30PM
Tuesday to Friday: 8AM to 7:30PM
Saturday: 8AM to 3:30PM
Closed on Sunday


2321 Pine Grove Avenue
Port Huron, MI
No Iris Scans
810-985-9541, ext. 256
Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday: 8AM to 4PM
Wednesday and Thursday: 8AM to 8PM


CMB 5 #15
NEXUS/FAST Enrolment Centre
666 Highway 137
Lansdowne, ON
K0E 1L0
Monday to Friday (excluding holidays): 8:30AM to 3:30PM

Sault Ste. Marie

900 International Bridge Plaza
Sault Ste. Marie, MI; 49783
No Iris Scans
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 12PM to 8PM
Thursday and Friday: 8AM to 4PM

Fort Frances

301 Scott Street, 2nd floor
Fort Frances, ON; P9A 1H1
No Iris Scans
May 1 to September 30 Summer hours)
Monday to Thursday: 9AM to 6PM October 1 to April 30 (Winter hours)
Monday and Wednesday: 9AM to 4PM
Thursday: 11AM to 6PM

Once you have your NEXUS card, you can use special security and customs lines at both Toronto and Ottawa Airports (as well as when arriving at Toronto Island Airport). There are also a number of dedicated NEXUS lanes serving Ontario. Finally, Niagara Falls has the only NEXUS-only bridge on the entire border. Here they are from west to east:

LocationCanadian Access
Hours of Operation
US Access
Hours of Operation
Fort Frances, ON-International Falls, MNHighway 71
Seven days a week
2nd Avenue in International Falls
Monday – Friday:
7:30AM to 8:30AM
Sault Ste. Marie BridgeHuron Street in Sault Ste. Marie
Monday to Friday
7AM to 8AM
Interstate 75
NEXUS lane temporarily closed due to construction
Ambassador Bridge
Windsor, ON-Detroit Michigan
Huron Churchill Road in Windsor
Monday to Friday:
5:30AM to 8PM

Weekends and holidays:
11:30AM to 7PM
Interstates 75 and 96
Monday to Friday:
6AM to 11PM

Weekends and holidays:
8AM to 10PM
Detroit-Windsor TunnelDougall Parkway in Windsor
Monday to Friday:
5AM to 8PM

Weekends and holidays:
11AM to 7PM
Jefferson Avenue in Detroit
Monday to Friday:
7AM to midnight

Weekends and holidays:
11AM to 7PM
Blue Water Bridge
Sarnia, ON-Port Huron, Michigan
Highway 402
Monday to Friday:
6AM to 9PM

8AM to 9PM

8AM to 9PM
Seven days a week including holidays:
7AM to 9PM
Queenston-Lewiston BridgeHighway 405
Monday to Friday:
7AM to 9PM
Interstate 190
Seven days a week:
8AM to 8PM
NEXUS only Whirlpool Bridge
Niagara Falls
River Road and Bridge Street in Niagara Falls
Seven days a week:
7AM to 11PM
Robert Moses Parkway
Seven days a week
7AM to 11PM
Peace Bridge
Fort Erie, ON-Buffalo, NY
Monday to Friday:
7AM to 9PM
Interstate 190
Seven days a week:
8AM to 8PM
Thousand Islands Bridge
Lansdowne, ON-Alexandria Bay, NY
Highway 137
Monday to Friday:
7AM to 5PM

10AM to 2PM
Interstate 81
NEXUS lane temporarily closed due to construction

If you own a boat, there are numerous marine ports of entry, from one end of Ontario to the other, which you use your NEXUS Card at.