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Everything you need to know about applying for a NEXUS Card, renewing a NEXUS Card, and using and keeping your NEXUS Card, as well as other relevant travel information.

How to Book Your NEXUS Interview

Book Your NEXUS Interview Whether you apply for your NEXUS Card online or you apply by submitting your application through the mail, you have to book your appointment through the TTP website. Don't want to use the TTP...

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Conditional Approval

The process of approval for a NEXUS Card and NEXUS program membership is a two step process: Conditional Approval Approval   What is NEXUS Conditional Approval? "Conditional Approval" is tentative approval pending...

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Should I Get a SENTRI Card?

Should I Get a SENTRI Card?

What Are the Advantages of a SENTRI Card? SENTRI (Secure Electronic Network for Travellers Rapid Inspection) card is a U.S. CBP card that allows expedited pass through the U.S. border crossing points for low-risk travelers coming from Mexico. SENTRI is part of the...

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2020 NEXUS Card and Renewal Delays

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) wars that there are significant delays in processing times for their Trusted Traveller Programs, including NEXUS card renewal applications. At their website they say the following: The extended partial government shutdown has...

Application Form for NEXUS Card

The paper application form for NEXUS card is no longer available for download online from the Canadian government. This is because the Canadian government no longer accepts paper applications. However, a private company can accept your paper application and apply...

Consequences of Not Declaring at Customs

Declaring customs is an obligation for all travellers entering Canada, including commercial entities. The CBSA has the authority to apply legal measures if you fail to meet the customs declaration requirements. Regardless of your status in Canada, or your use of a...

How Do I Apply for a NEXUS Card?

In order to apply for a NEXUS Card, you need to complete an application form, provide the required documentation, attend an interview at an enrolment centre, and receive your card in the mail. Make sure you're eligible. First, gather your documentation. Then, complete...

The Best Way to Get to Pearson

If you don’t have a lot of experience travelling through the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), getting out to Pearson airport from Toronto and back can be challenging, though it’s better than it used to be. There are public, private, and shared-economy means of...

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