What is TTP?

TTP stands for Trusted Traveller Programs. TTP is the new name the United States government has given to the various programs it has for American citizens and other people who travel frequently to and from and within the US.  The Trusted Traveller Programs are intended for travellers with no criminal record and no customs violations, i.e. travellers security and police agencies can trust.

The American Trusted Traveller Programs are the following:

  • Global Entry: for travellers entering the US and travelling within the US by plane
  • NEXUS: for Americans and Canadians crossing the US-Canada border
  • SENTRI: for Americans and Mexicans crossing the US-Mexico border

Sometimes the FAST program, for commercial truck drivers, is also included in the list. The US government used to have some other pilot programs, such as one with the Netherlands, but these have been ended or incorporated into Global Entry.

Other countries have Trusted Traveller Programs as well, but these programs, such as CANPASS, are not considered as part of TTP as they do not involve entry into the United States.


TTP Website

TTP is also used as the name of the new website that the US government created to replace its antiquated Global Online Enrolment System website. If you signed up for a TTP card using the old GOES website, you need to switch over to the TTP website for your next application. This site has detailed information on how to make the switch, beginning with how to set up a login.gov profile.

The only alternative to using the TTP website is to submit your application by mail to a third party. The CBSA discontinued mail-in applications in 2019.

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