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Established in 2009, we are the first private company offering border card services in Canada and the United States. 

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Since 2009, when NEXUS was launched, we’ve been at the forefront of Border Card Services, assisting clients who prefer a professional touch to navigate the often confusing GOES government process.

Navigating these procedures can be time-consuming, requiring patience and a thorough understanding of the system. Even reaching the government call center can be unpredictable.

It boils down to a simple decision: your time, patience, and focus, or a small professional fee for peace of mind.
If you value your time and peace of mind, here’s how we can assist you:

• We’re the most experienced firm in the industry, providing you with tried and tested services.

• Our deep understanding of the entire process means no situation is new to us — your advantage is our expertise.

• We offer extensive troubleshooting support for any hiccups along the way

• Whether you need to re-book, change plans, or update your documents, we’ve got it covered.

• We’ll even remind you when your NEXUS is about to expire, so you can always stay up to date.

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Full-Service Refund if Refused
Unlimited Appointment Re-booking and Document Updating
Free Service Support for Lost or Damaged NEXUS Cards
Free Reminder and Service Discount For Returning Customers


US $125 Service Fee 
US $50 Government Fee

175 .00

*Additional Applications Submitted at the same time get a 35% discount on the Service Fee. 

*Expedited Interview: $100 – 
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Returning Clients 
US$100 + US$50 

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What is NEXUS?

NEXUS is an example of a trusted traveler program jointly administered by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It is designed to expedite the border clearance process for pre-approved, low-risk travelers between Canada and the U.S. It does not replace your passport but rather supplements it by giving you access to expedited lanes and processes at border crossings.  


Expedited Security Screening  

With a NEXUS Card in hand, you can enjoy expedited security screening at designated airports in the US and Canada. Skip the long lines and breeze through dedicated security lanes, saving valuable time and reducing stress before your flight.  

Simplified Border Crossing  

Say goodbye to lengthy waits at the border! Card holders have access to dedicated NEXUS lanes, allowing for quicker processing at land border crossings between Canada and the U.S. Enjoy a hassle-free journey with fewer delays and enhanced efficiency.  

Global Entry Benefits  

In addition to expedited travel between Canada and the US, Card holders also receive the benefits of the Global Entry program. When returning to the U.S. from an international destination, you can use automated Global Entry kiosks at airports for a swift entry process, making your travel experience even more seamless. And that’s without paying the higher fees that Global Entry charges. 

Eligibility Requirements

Citizenship and Residency  

To be eligible for a NEXUS Card, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada or lawful resident of the United States. Additionally, permanent/lawful residents of Canada and the US must have resided there for the past three years.  

Background Check  

Both the CBSA and CBP conduct thorough background checks on Nexus applicants. This involves verifying your identity, reviewing your travel history, and assessing any criminal, immigration, or agricultural violations.  

Criminal Record  

Having a criminal record may affect your eligibility for a Card. Serious offenses or violations of customs, immigration, or agriculture laws will likely lead to a denial of your application. 

Compliance with Customs Regulations  

For a hassle-free card application, you must demonstrate a history of compliance with customs regulations and laws. Any violations when you travel or any attempts to smuggle goods across the border could impact your eligibility.  


Now that you understand the benefits and eligibility requirements,
let’s dive into the application process to get that oh-so-useful card!

Online ApplicatiON PROCESS

Your NEXUS Card journey begins with an online application. Visit the official NEXUS web page and complete the application form accurately at their web page. Make sure you provide all the necessary details about yourself, your travel history, and personal information.  


Once your online application is approved, you will be notified to schedule an interview at a Nexus Enrollment Center. Choose a convenient location and time for your in-person interview. You will have 3 basic options: a joint interview (both CBSA and CBP officers will be present) at a land enrollment center in the US; a split interview at a Canadian and at a US land enrollment center; or a 2-step interview at a Canadian airport enrollment center followed by an interview at a U.S. preclearance location at a Canadian airport. 

In-Person Interview

During the interview, a NEXUS officer will ask you questions about your eligibility which requires satisfying both CBP and CBSA officers that you are trustworthy, your travel history including every country you’ve visited, as well as the reasons why you want to apply for a card. 
Make sure you are prepared for detailed questions about everything from previous border interactions to any possible infraction or minor offense you may have committed. It is vital to always answer truthfully, and provide any required supporting documents. They will also ask questions to verify your identity and ensure all the information on your application remains valid. 

Enrollment & Card Delivery

Upon successful completion of the interview, you will be enrolled in the NEXUS program. Your Card will be mailed to your registered address within a few weeks. It’s time to get excited about faster, hassle-free travel!  


To increase your chances of a successful Nexus Card application, you need to consider the following 3 tips: 

Provide Accurate Information

Ensure all the information you provide in your application is accurate and up-to-date. Any discrepancies or false information may lead to delays or a denial of your application. 

Prepare for the Interview   

You need to research common interview questions and prepare your answers. Familiarize yourself with the NEXUS program and be ready to explain why you are applying and how you meet the eligibility requirements, including any violations or offenses you might have committed. You need dates, offenses/infractions you committed, any punishments you received, as well as any rehabilitation or clearing of any criminal record.
Be ready for questions on any business dealings you have in either Canada or the U.S. as well as questions on why you applied for NEXUS rather than Global Entry. 
Make sure you have original copies of your documents as CBSA and CBP officers may need to review these during the interview to verify your identity during the interview.   While it may seems obvious, they will be taking a photograph of you for your card, so make sure you’re reasonably dressed and presentable for your interview. 

Follow Instructions Carefully 

When completing the application and attending the interview, carefully read and follow the instructions provided by the Nexus program. Missing or misunderstanding instructions could result in unnecessary complications. 

How To Use Your Nexus Card

Entering Canada by Land Border Crossing

With a NEXUS Card in hand, you can enjoy expedited security screening at designated airports in the US and Canada.

Skip the long lines and breeze through dedicated security lanes, saving valuable time and reducing stress before your flight. 

Entering U.S. by Land Border Crossings 

Enter the NEXUS lane and then stop and hold your card in front of the card reader. Then proceed to the booth for a visual inspection. The border officer will let you through or ask you to head to the inspection area.

Entering Canada At Airports

Use the NEXUS kiosk or eGate. The kiosk can process up to 4 people at a time while the eGate only processes 1 person at a time.

At either you:  
1. Select your language  
Indicate number of travelers (kiosk only) 
2. Scan/tap your card 
Confirm your identity & personal information 
3. Have your photo taken 
4. Collect your receipt 

Declare any required goods to officer after leaving the kiosk/eGate 

Entering U.S. At Airports

In addition to expedited travel between Canada and the US, Card holders also receive the benefits of the Global Entry program.

When returning to the U.S. from an international destination, you can use automated Global Entry kiosks at airports for a swift entry process, making your travel experience even more seamless. And that’s without paying the higher fees that Global Entry charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?
We’ve got answers!

Is the Card valid for all types of travel? 

Yes, a Nexus Card is valid for air travel, travel by land, and sea travel between Canada and the U.S. 

How long does the application process take?  

The Nexus Card application process can take several weeks to several months, depending on various factors such as application volume and the time required for background checks, which can impact processing times.  

Can I appeal if my application is denied?  

Yes, if your NEXUS Card application is denied, you have the option to appeal the decision. Follow the instructions provided in the denial letter for the appeals process.  

Can I use it at airports outside of Canada and the United States? 

While the Card is primarily designed for travel between Canada and the United States, it can also be used at kiosks at participating airports when you travel to other countries for expedited security screening. You should always have your passport as well, seeing your card is not a replacement for your passport. 

How do I renew my NEXUS Card?

To renew your Nexus Card, you can follow a similar process as the initial application. Submit a renewal application and pay a US$50 fee online, schedule an interview, and provide any necessary updates or documentation. Please remember that your card is valid for 5 years and you need to renew it before it expires to maintain your privileges. You will need your account information for the Trusted Travelers Programs (TTP) System run by the U.S. CBP.   

How do I replace it? 

To replace a stolen, lost, or damaged card, use your Trusted Traveler Programs account. There is a US$25 fee and you may have to do an interview at an enrollment center. 

Who is Eligible to Apply? 

Citizens of the U.S. and Canada are eligible as well as Canadian permanent residents. Lawful residents of the US and Mexican Nationals who are members of the Viajero Confiable program are also eligible.
Please note that you must have been a legal resident of the US or Canada for at least 3 years unless you are serving in the United States Armed Forces in a foreign country, or are a family member of a Canadian or United States Armed forces member serving in a foreign country or a family member of a member of a foreign diplomatic mission of either country serving abroad.  

What are benefits and drawbacks?

The benefits are: expedited lanes at designated airports; quicker land border crossings between the US and Canada; use of Global Entry kiosks; and less restrictions for carry-on baggage. 
The drawbacks include: US$ 50 application fee is non-refundable; accompanying family members must also have nexus cards; all accompanying people on a boat must have cards – otherwise normal screening procedures apply. Permanent/Lawful residents must have 3-year residency to be eligible. Anyone who is has violated customs, immigration, or agricultural laws may be ineligible. 

What are the processing times? 

Applications “may be processed within 30 business days of receipt” but this does not include scheduling interviews, so you should expect up to 12 months processing time, including delivery of your card. In large part this is due to the fact that there may be delays scheduling an interview which may result in longer overall processing times. 

How much does it cost to apply? 

It costs US$ 50. It can be paid by the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, or JCB. In the States only, you can pay by bank transfer, but not in Canada. 

Can I apply online?

Yes. In fact, you have to apply online by going to this government page and then pay by logging into the Trusted Traveler Programs System (TTP) run by U.S. Customs Border Protection (CBP). 

Is an interview required for the application? 

Yes. Your application is reviewed by both Canadian Border Services Agency officers and Customs Border Protection officers and this will determine many of the questions asked in the interview. 

How is the interview? 

Once your initial application is approved, you must schedule an interview through a NEXUS Enrollment Center. You have 3 options: A joint Canada – United States interview at a U.S. land enrollment center; a split interview, at a Canadian land enrollment center and then at a U.S. land enrollment center; a 2-step interview at a Canadian airport enrollment center and then at a U.S. preclearance location at a Canadian airport. 

At the interview, both CBSA and CBP officers will ensure the information on your application is still valid. They will then verify your identity and examine the original copies of your documents. Next, they will take a photograph of your face for your card as well as take your fingerprints. They’ll also explain the terms and conditions of your membership in the program and explain how to enter Canada or the U.S. using your card. 

Remember when traveling, you may still be subject to a search by officers despite being a member of NEXUS. 

What is the Trusted Traveler Programs System? 

The Trusted Traveler Programs System involves several programs run by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that simplify screenings for pre-approved members and improve efficiency and security. There are currently 6 such programs, including Nexus, FAST, and Global Entry.  
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