Consequences of Not Declaring at Customs

Customs violation

Declaring customs is an obligation for all travellers entering Canada, including commercial entities. The CBSA has the authority to apply legal measures if you fail to meet the customs declaration requirements. Regardless of your status in Canada, or your use of a Trusted Traveller card you possess to expedite the customs procedure at border crossing … Read more

Rights at the Border with the NEXUS Card

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Americans and Canadians can use NEXUS identification cards for easier travel and entry into Canada and the United States. If you own a NEXUS card, it means you are a low-risk traveler. To use any of the privileges associated with the NEXUS card you must present the valid card each time you find yourself at … Read more

Rights at the Border

Your rights at the border vary depending on whether you are on Canadian or U.S territory. Also, there are procedural variations that depend on the means of transportation. In general, Canadian laws and border officers are less restrictive for Canadian citizens. In all situations, regardless of your citizenship or way of travelling, you must present … Read more

How to Fill Out the Customs Declaration when Entering the US

How to Fill Out the Customs Declaration when Entering the U.S. As a general rule, you must present either a valid passport or a NEXUS card when you enter the U.S by air, land or sea. You may not use your NEXUS card if your flight has not been pre-cleared by US CBP in Canada. … Read more

How To Complete the Canadian Customs Declaration with Your NEXUS Card

Entering Canada NEXUS card holders and other Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) members have certain privileges that enable faster entry into Canada. One of the expedited services for NEXUS card holders is being able to speed up the customs declaration procedure by using form E601 – ┬áTraveler Declaration Card (TDC) for declaring personal goods instead of … Read more