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Can I use an expired NEXUS card?

Find out whether an expired NEXUS card can still be used, learn about renewal options, and understand the benefits and restrictions. Get all the answers you need in our comprehensive guide.

How Long is My NEXUS Card Valid For?

Are you wondering about the duration of your NEXUS card's validity? Learn all about how long a NEXUS card remains valid, renewal timelines, and important information you need to know. Stay updated for hassle-free border crossings and travel convenience.

How Can I Renew My NEXUS Card?

Learn how to renew your NEXUS card with ease. Follow a step-by-step process, understand the renewal eligibility criteria, and find answers to frequently asked questions about NEXUS card renewal.
Nexus card delays

2020 NEXUS Card and Renewal Delays

Discover the reasons behind NEXUS card and renewal delays, find out what to do if your renewal takes longer than expected, and explore alternative options and expedited services available during the delays.

Nexus Renewal Form

Renew your Nexus card hassle-free and maintain your expedited border crossing privileges. Get step-by-step guidance on the renewal process, required documents, and stay up to date with any changes for 2023. Keep your Nexus benefits active!