Riley Haas

Riley Haas

Marine Ports of Entry

NEXUS Marine Ports of Entry In order to use a marine port of entry with NEXUS, all passengers on the boat must possess NEXUS Cards. Entering Canada by Boat with NEXUS Ports are listed roughly west to east, as the…

Manitoba Enrolment Centres

NEXUS ENROLMENT CENTRES IN MANITOBA There are three enrolment centres near Manitoba, though one location is physically in Manitoba. The enrolment centres are located. Contact With Us Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Domestic / International Arrivals Area Room 1074…

Change name on NEXUS card

Changing your name on a NEXUS card is a straightforward process. Find out how to update your name on your NEXUS card and get step-by-step instructions. Ensure your NEXUS card reflects your correct name for hassle-free travel.