Change name on NEXUS card

Changing your name on a NEXUS card is a straightforward process. Find out how to update your name on your NEXUS card and get step-by-step instructions. Ensure your NEXUS card reflects your correct name for hassle-free travel.

When you change your name – by marriage, or divorce, or a legal name change in general – getting the change on your NEXUS card requires a little patience. However, it’s still reasonably straightforward.

So, what we have for you is an easy-to-follow complete guide to updating your name on your NEXUS card.

NEXUS card name change: what you need to know.

Remember, any change in personal information has to be done at an enrollment center where an officer will verify the new information. Reportedly, for a CBP or CBSA officer to verify the information, your personal ID (aside from your NEXUS card) needs to first be updated.

The key point is that all your personal ID – including travel documents – should be changed to your new name before your NEXUS card can then be changed. This information is according to NEXUS members who have been told this at enrolment centers.


Steps to Change Name on NEXUS Card

Here are simple steps for changing name on NEXUS card:

Step 1: Using your legal change of name document (marriage certificate, divorce papers, legal change-of-name document) to update all your personal ID like driver’s license, health card, SIN personal information.

Step 2: It is essential to update your passport or permanent resident card as well. You should also update your banking information and any other personal information held online at any institution or business.

Step 3: Go to an enrollment center to interview with an officer who will verify the information by, among other things, looking at your updated personal ID.

Step 4: Apply online at TTP’s website for a replacement card with your new name and pay a fee. There is a US$25 fee for a replacement card.


How can I change my name on a NEXUS card?

Yes, but you must first change all your personal ID as well as your personal information at your bank and for your utility bills and phone bills etc. Then you go to an enrollment center to have the new name verified by an officer. Finally, you apply online for a replacement card.

What documents are required to change the name on a NEXUS card?

You’ll need your legal name change document (marriage certificate, divorce papers, change-of-name legal document). As well you’ll need personal ID in your new name, especially travel documents like passports or PR cards.

Are there any fees associated with changing the name on a NEXUS card?

Yes. There is a US$25 fee to get a replacement NEXUS card.

How long does it take to process a name change request for a NEXUS card?

The sooner you update your other ID, especially your passport or PR card, the faster the process. Because it requires you to first update all your other ID with your new name, it’s hard to give a standard timeline, but expect it to take at least a month or two.

Can I change my name on a NEXUS card online?

Yes, but you also need to go to an enrollment center to have an officer verify your new name. To do that, you should first update all your other personal ID, including passport or PR card.

There you go! We’ve shown you how to update your name on your NEXUS card easily. Just follow the steps and you’ll have it done fairly soon. Yes, it’s a pain updating all your personal ID, but that’s something you always need to do anyway when you change your name.

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