Quebec Enrolment Centres


Despite Quebec’s size, there are only 3 NEXUS enrolment centres serving Quebec. They are located

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
International Arrivals Area, Room T.1476
Montreal, QC
H4Y 1H1


Seven days a week: 8AM to 12PM; 1PM to 4PM

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237 W. Service Road
Champlain, NY; 12919

Monday to Friday: 8AM to 4PM

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Interstate 91
Derby Line, VT; 05830
No Iris Scans


Tuesday and Thursday: 8AM to 12PM; 7PM to 9PM

There are two NEXUS enrolment centres in Ontario that are reasonably close to the Montreal area, one in Ottawa and one on the way to Kingston.

The closest enrolment centre to Quebec City is the one at the Montreal airport listed above, or the one at Derby Line.

See the full list of enrolment centres.

Once you have your NEXUS Card, you can use special NEXUS lines for security and customs at Trudeau. You also have the choice of dedicated NEXUS lanes:

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Highway 15
Seven days a week:
6:00AM to 8PM

Seven days a week:
6AM to midnight

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Highway 15
Seven days a week
6:30AM to 8AM

Except Fridays:
3PM to 6PM

Seven days a week:
24 hours a day

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No NEXUS lane into the US

Monday to Friday:
3PM to 5PM
Closed on holidays

You can use your card at all border crossings but these three are the only three in Quebec that have dedicated NEXUS lanes.

If you own a boat, there are a few marine ports of entry in Quebec which are eligible for NEXUS use.

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