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NEXUS Card Benefits

Experience seamless travel with Nexus card benefits. Expedited border crossings, Global Entry perks, and more await. Unlock the ultimate travel advantage now.

Change name on NEXUS card

Changing your name on a NEXUS card is a straightforward process. Find out how to update your name on your NEXUS card and get step-by-step instructions. Ensure your NEXUS card reflects your correct name for hassle-free travel.

Can non-citizens get NEXUS?

Explore the eligibility of non-citizens for the NEXUS program. Learn how to apply, requirements, and the benefits of NEXUS for immigrants and permanent residents. Expedite your border crossings and enjoy hassle-free travel with NEXUS.

Can I use an expired NEXUS card?

Find out whether an expired NEXUS card can still be used, learn about renewal options, and understand the benefits and restrictions. Get all the answers you need in our comprehensive guide.

Can I get a NEXUS card with a criminal record?

Find out if individuals with a criminal record can qualify for a Nexus card. Learn about eligibility, application process, and the impact of criminal records on Nexus card approval. Get the information you need to make an informed decision. Read on!

Can I expedite my NEXUS application?

Wondering if you can expedite your NEXUS application? Learn how to fast-track the process and get answers to your FAQs. Discover the requirements, fees, and steps for a hassle-free travel experience.

Nexus card vs Passport

Explore the differences between a Nexus card and a passport for border crossings and international travel. Discover the application process, benefits, and more.