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NEXUS Card Benefits

Experience seamless travel with Nexus card benefits. Expedited border crossings, Global Entry perks, and more await. Unlock the ultimate travel advantage now.

Can non-citizens get NEXUS?

Explore the eligibility of non-citizens for the NEXUS program. Learn how to apply, requirements, and the benefits of NEXUS for immigrants and permanent residents. Expedite your border crossings and enjoy hassle-free travel with NEXUS.
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How Long Does It Take To Get a NEXUS Card?

Find out the processing time for a NEXUS card and how long it takes to receive it after approval. Learn about expedited options and factors that can impact the timeline. Get answers to frequently asked questions about NEXUS card approval.
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Application Form for NEXUS Card

Apply for the NEXUS Card and enjoy expedited border clearance with the trusted traveler program. Learn how to fill out the application form and get answers to your FAQs