How Long Does It Take To Get a NEXUS Card?

Find out the processing time for a NEXUS card and how long it takes to receive it after approval. Learn about expedited options and factors that can impact the timeline. Get answers to frequently asked questions about NEXUS card approval.

How long it takes to get a NEXUS Card depends on when and where you apply. There are three steps to getting your NEXUS Card after you have submitted the application:

  • conditional approval by CBSA and USCBP
  • the NEXUS interview
  • receiving your card.

Conditional Approval 3-6 months (or more)


Once your application has been submitted online, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months, to even longer, for approval, depending on the time of year you submit the application, and other factors.

It is best to apply in the winter time, as fewer people submit applications. Border Cards has seen applications conditionally approved in as little as one week during the winter months. Processing times of over 6 months for conditional approval are normal in the summer.

Submit a Paper Application without delay

If you have a complicated application, you can expect conditional approval to take much longer. “Complicated” applications include:

  • lack of proper identification
  • differences between the information on your application and your IDs
  • gaps in your residence or employment history
  • failure to disclose information
  • not a citizen of either Canada or the US
  • possible reasons for ineligibility such convictions, customs violations and the like.

There could be other reasons for delay as well.

NEXUS Interview – Timeline varies (1-30 days)

NEXUS Interview

Once you have been conditionally approved, you must book your interview. The time it takes for your interview depends on the enrolment centre you choose to attend. It can be a matter of days to weeks, and even months. Again, this varies with the time of year in addition to the enrolment centre. The current interview wait time for your enrolment centre can only be viewed by logging into your TTP account and booking an interview.

Receiving Your Card – 10 calendar days

NEXUS mail

You should normally receive your NEXUS Card within 10 calendar days of the approval of your application, which usually occurs the same day as or the next business day after your interview.

If you do not receive your card within 3 weeks, you should contact the enrolment centre you attended for your interview.

Conditions of Use of Your NEXUS Card

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