Where Do I Attend My NEXUS Interview?

NEXUS Enrolment Centres

In order to get your initial NEXUS Card, you must attend an interview. Interviews will only be conducted at designated enrolment centres. So, in order to join the NEXUS program, you must travel to an enrolment centre to attend an interview.

If you are in Canada, you can attend your NEXUS interview at any of the major airports or at one or the enrolment centres along the border with the US.

If you are in the United States, the border enrolment centres will be closer for you, unless you are flying to Canada.

Enrolment Centres at Airports

Each major international airport in Canada has a NEXUS enrolment centre, so if you live in a major city, the airport enrolment centre might be your best bet. If you don’t live near one of these airports, jump down to see the border enrolment centres.

Here they are from East to West:

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Border Enrolment Centres

There are also enrolment centres along the Canada/US border. Not all of them have iris scanners. IF YOU DO NOT GET AN IRIS SCAN, YOU CANNOT USE YOUR NEXUS CARD AT AIRPORTS. So be careful which enrolment centre you attend.

Here they are from West to East:

How to Activate Your NEXUS Card

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