Why Was My Card Confiscated?


Why NEXUS Cards are Confiscated

If your NEXUS Card was confiscated by a Canadian (CBSA) or American (CBP) border guard, it was likely because you violated the terms of your NEXUS membership or they suspect you of violating those terms, or of no longer meeting them.

The reason for the confiscation of your card could be because you were found

  • violating either country’s customs regulations,
  • lending your NEXUS Card to someone else,
  • using a NEXUS Card lane or bridge or marine entry with one or more people who are not NEXUS Card members.

Or your card could have been confiscated because CBSA or CBP has been informed of some change in your circumstance that makes you no longer eligible for the program.

Also, it’s possible your card was confiscated because you used it with your new passport or driver’s license without updating the information on the TTP website.

In order to appeal, you’ll need to know why it was confiscated. So if you were not given a statement in writing as to why the card was confiscated, you will need to contact the NEXUS office nearest to where your card was confiscated to clarify the situation. There is a slim chance you will get your card back, if your membership was not revoked.

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