The current Nexus renewal application process helps Canadian and U.S. citizens simplify the procedure for getting a new Nexus card when the old one expires. It is essential that you reapply for Nexus card renewal on time, at least 6 months in advance of the 5-year expiry date, otherwise you may experience a period without a valid NEXUS Card. You can find the expiry date printed on your current Nexus card. If the expiry date is missing, you can call a Canadian Processing Centre to find out if the time for renewal has come.

Although the renewal procedure is almost identical to the procedure for getting your first Nexus card, your Nexus membership can be renewed in a streamlined process, avoiding interview attendance as long as you have not had changes to your personal information and as long as you belong to a low-risk citizen category.


How to Renew the Nexus Card

There are two ways to renew the Nexus card:

  1. The online renewal via the Trusted Traveller Programs website (TTP) managed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is a preferred method for many citizens.
  2. However, a significant number of applicants like using the paper Nexus renewal form – BSF658 – NEXUS Application. It is critical that you fill out all required information because missing or incorrect details may result in having the renewal form returned to you for corrections. You must submit a separate Nexus renewal form for each family member.

You must pay the fee in U.S. dollars. There may be a third party company out there which offers NEXUS Card services in Canadian, but if you don’t want to hire a private company you must pay in US dollars.


Steps for Completing the Nexus Renewal Form

Before submitting your Nexus renewal application form, make sure that you have all the necessary supporting documents that need to be enclosed to the application. You should keep your current NEXUS Card and submit a copy by mail. There is no need to send original documents unless asked to do so if you attend an interview. Be sure to complete each section of the renewal form – complete all pages. Since the CBSA no longer accepts paper applications, you no longer need to include your choice of language. If you have hired an American company they will deal with you in English. Some Canadian companies may offer French.

Make sure that you follow this checklist for completing all boxes and sections of the Nexus renewal form, as well as for attaching supporting documents:

  • Enclose a photocopy of your valid driver’s licence as your proof of residence and identity.
  • Enclose a photocopy of proof of citizenship, such as your passport, citizenship certificate or your citizenship card.
  • If you do not have a valid driver’s license and are not using your passport to apply, you will need to enclose a copy of another photo ID
  • Enclose indicated proof of admissibility to the US (for example: a visa, student visa or work permit)
  • Attach a photocopy of proof of permanent resident status, if applicable.
  • Attach custodial documents, if you are applying on behalf of your children.
  • Submit documentary for proof of your name change, if you changed your name in the last five years.
  • Fill out information about your five-year residential address history, including all physical addresses or legal land descriptions.
  • Fill out information about your five-year employment history, including current employer information (lack of employment does not affect the Nexus card renewal).

Final steps include completing card holder’s signature and credit card expiry date (when you decide to pay by credit card and signing in the privacy consent statement in box 87).

Finally, mail the Nexus renewal form, fee payment and copies of supporting documents to the third party company you have hired. Our address:

57 Westchester Drive
London, Ontario
N6G 2K6