What are the Conditions of My NEXUS Card?

Learn about the conditions of a NEXUS card, including eligibility requirements, benefits, and frequently asked questions. Find out how to apply, renew, or replace your card and ensure smooth travel between Canada and the U.S.

NEXUS Membership Conditions

Your NEXUS membership is a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked at any time by either the Canada Border Services Agency or by US Customs and Border Protection. Here are the conditions of membership:

  • You must comply with all customs and immigration laws, regulation and rules or any other laws, regulations and rules that are enforced by either CBSA or US CBP.
  • You must not let another person use your NEXUS Card.
  • You must not cross the border by car in a NEXUS lane with passengers who are not NEXUS Card members.
  • You must keep your personal information (passport, driver’s license) up to date on the TTP system.
  • You must return your card if it expires and you have no intention of renewing OR you must destroy your expired card when you get your new card.

Just because you have a NEXUS Card, it does not exempt you from inspection. If you are asked to submit for inspection to CBSA or CBP, you must do so. If you are found to be in contravention of the customs regulations or immigration laws of either country, your card could be seized and your membership revoked.

Specific NEXUS Card Conditions

Travelling with Children on Your NEXUS Card

Travelling with children with NEXUS Cards

In order to make use of NEXUS lines at the airport, or lanes at the border, or the NEXUS-only Whirlpool bridge, any accompanying children must be NEXUS members too. If you are found using a NEXUS lane, line, bridge or kiosk with a child who is not a member, your card will be confiscated and your membership revoked.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged NEXUS Cards

You are obligated to inform a NEXUS enrolment centre, if you lose your NEXUS Card, if it is stolen, or even if it is just damaged to the point where you cannot use it any more. If you do not inform them of the lost or theft of your card, and it is recovered, you could lose your membership.

American Customs and Immigration Legislation

American laws

You must comply with all applicable legislation, including any legislation enforced by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This includes all federal legislation and regulations regarding immigration and customs.

Canadian Customs and Immigration Legislation

In order to retain your NEXUS privileges, you must comply with the following pieces of Canadian legislation:

How Long is Your NEXUS Card Valid?

A NEXUS card is valid for a period of five years from the date of issue. This card, part of a trusted traveler program provided jointly by the United States and Canada, offers cardholders expedited processing through customs and immigration procedures when traveling between these two countries. As the card nears the end of its five-year validity, cardholders must renew their membership to continue enjoying these benefits. To avoid any disruption in their status, it’s recommended that members begin the renewal process well in advance of the card’s expiration date.

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