How Long is My NEXUS Card Valid For?

Are you wondering about the duration of your NEXUS card's validity? Learn all about how long a NEXUS card remains valid, renewal timelines, and important information you need to know. Stay updated for hassle-free border crossings and travel convenience.

The NEXUS Card is Valid for 5 Years

Your NEXUS Card is valid for 5 years from the next birthdate after your NEXUS interview. So, technically, your NEXUS Card is usually valid slightly more than 5 years. The expiry date is listed on the front of your NEXUS Card. Your card remains valid even if your driver’s license or passport expires.

For renewal applicants who do not attend an interview, the validity runs 5 years from your next birthdate after your approval.

If your card is confiscated or you are asked to relinquish it, your membership is also revoked.

What if My Passport or Driver’s License Expires Before My NEXUS?

Passport or driver's license expires

You can continue using your NEXUS Card if you renew your passport/driver’s license as long as you update the ID using the TTP website or go to an enrolment centre to notify CBSA and US CBP of the change.

Update Your Passport/Driver’s License Using the TTP website

It’s easy to update your passport using the TTP website. Just perform the following steps:

  1. Login to your TTP account using your profile
  2. Accept the “Security Notification” if applicable
  3. On the left side of your dashboard, find “Update Documents” (5th link from the top); click on it
  4. You will have the option of updating your Passport or your Driver’s License; just pick the document you want to update
  5. Input the new information.

Update Passport/Driver’s License at a NEXUS Enrolment Centre

Updating your identity document at an enrolment centre is only mandatory if your name has changed. If you have not changed your name on your identity document, you should update it on the TTP website.

Here is a list of enrolment centres if you need to attend one to update your passport or driver’s license.

Can I Use my NEXUS Card with an Expired Passport?

Expired Passport

Technically, you can use your NEXUS Card with an expired passport if you are crossing the border by private vehicle, but we do not recommend it. The NEXUS Card is supposed to be a passport substitute when travelling by private vehicle.

In our experience, not every CBSA and CBP officer has the same interpretation of the rules governing the NEXUS program. If you use a NEXUS Card with an expired passport (or a new passport but haven’t you updated the information with the NEXUS program) your card could be confiscated and you could lose your membership.

We highly recommend getting a new passport before travelling with your NEXUS Card.

Can I Use my NEXUS Card with an Expired Driver’s License?

Expired Driver's License

Yes, you can use your NEXUS Card with an expired Driver’s license if you are using your NEXUS Card to cross the border but are not driving (i.e. you are flying, you are taking a boat, train or bus, or you are the passenger in another NEXUS member’s car).

Renewing Your NEXUS Card

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