How Can I Renew My NEXUS Card?

Learn how to renew your NEXUS card with ease. Follow a step-by-step process, understand the renewal eligibility criteria, and find answers to frequently asked questions about NEXUS card renewal.

Renew NEXUS card

You should renew your NEXUS Card the same way you applied for your first NEXUS Card, through the TTP website. (The TTP website is just the new version of the Global Online Enrolment System. If you applied on paper before CBSA stopped accepting paper applications, you should try to use the TTP system this time as it will save you a lot of time. You should have had to register for to use TTP to book your interview last time, so you should have a profile set up already.)

When to Renew You NEXUS Card

You can apply for a new card within one year of your current card’s expiry date. Since it can take a few months to renew a NEXUS Card in the summer, you shouldn’t wait until it has expired to submit your renewal application.

Cost of Renewing Your NEXUS Card

The cost is the same as it was the first time around: US$50 through the TTP website. Children are still free. (You can no longer apply by paper and pay in CAD.)

If you use Border Cards to renew your NEXUS Card, we charge a service fee.

NEXUS Card Renewal Process

You will need to provide the same information as the last time. If nothing has changed, you will likely not have to attend the interview and will probably get approved in less time than it normally takes to get conditionally approved for a first time application.

However, if your information has changed you may be required to attend an interview. Here are some changes that can trigger an interview:

  • your name has changed through marriage, divorced or a legal name change
  • you’ve moved provinces or states (or sometimes, you’ve merely moved houses)
  • you’ve changed jobs
  • your status has changed in either Canada or the US (you became a citizen, etc.).

You will have to attend an interview as part of the renewal process if you had any issues with your NEXUS membership since you became a member (such as a customs violation).

The only way you are going to find out whether or not you will have to attend an interview, is by renewing.

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