Why do I Need an Interview if I’m Renewing

Why do I need an interview? I’m Renewing!

If you are renewing your NEXUS Card, you still may need to attend an interview. There are two reasons why you may need to attend an interview.

Your Situation Has Changed Since Your Last NEXUS Application

You will most likely be required to attend an interview if something in your life has changed between your last NEXUS application and your current one. The following life events could cause an interview:

  • you got married and changed your name (though you should inform NEXUS in person once you change your other IDs so your card can reflect the name change)
  • you changed your name for other reasons (again, you should inform the NEXUS the program in person once you have changed your other IDs)
  • you changed jobs or retired (or you lost your job)
  • you graduated from school and started a new job
  • you moved provinces or states.

Any of these changes could lead to you having to attend an interview for your renewal application.

NOTE: You are obligated to inform NEXUS if a change in your situation means that you are no longer eligible for membership (i.e. you moved out of North America or you now have a criminal record) before you renew. If you violate the conditions of the program, your card and membership may be revoked.

CBSA/CBP Requests a NEXUS Renewal Interview

Either the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can request a new interview for any reason whatsoever, even if nothing in your life has changed since your last application. It could be a random interview or they could have something they want to ask you. Having the interview waived for a renewal application is a privilege and they can decide not to waive the interview.

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